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Pakiet Bikini Body + NOWA Butelka

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Your dream slim body! Boost your weight-loss efforts and wear your favourite pair of jeans with confidence!

Eliminates excess water and toxins

Accelerates weight loss

Helps you burn more fat


The package consists of three fantastic products that contain all the natural ingredients that will quickly burn your fat, accelerate your metabolism and help you reach your ideal body shape!

  • Accelerates weight loss

  • Suppresses your hunger pangs and cravings

  • Helps you burn more fat

  • Reduces stored fat around the tummy and abdomen

  • Eliminates excess water and toxins from the body

  • Reduces bloating within the first week of use

  • Erases cellulite

  • Prevents the formation of new fat cells

Fat Burner Drink naturally raises your internal temperature and accelerates the burning of fats.

It contains the purest form of L-carnitine in the world, which uses stored fats as the first source of energy. With Fat Burner Drink, you will burn more fat while moving and increase your weight-loss rate.

Draining Drink INTENSE contains the patented ingredient CactiNea™ that has satisfied girls all over Europe. It eliminates water weight, detoxes your body and helps reduce cellulite!

Skinny Me Tea burns fat and tones the body. It contains a mixture of herbs and fruit that accelerates the burning of fat and boosts metabolism. Skinny Me Tea will be your new ally in the pursuit of that dream body.

Reach your goals and improve your silhouette with our Bikini Ready programme - the perfect bundle for a girl like you!

*Do not wash the bottle in the dishwasher, instead, wash it by hand.

1-20Draining Drink 1 sachetSkinny Me Tea 1 teabag
1-20Fat Burner 1 sachet - every second day before workout

How to use

Draining Drink Intense

1 sachet

Once a day

Tummy Tox Fat Burner Drink Intense

1 sachet

Once a day

Skinny Me Tea

1 teabag

Once a day